Butter is Better: The Real Thing Officially Trumps Margarine in Taste and Health

We've always known that butter tastes better than its processed counterpart, but now consumer consumption and health reports also say butter is the way to go. 

Once considered a miracle substitute for those who were cholesterol-conscious -- or who like their foods concocted in labs -- margarine is now selling at a 70-year low. As we bid farewell to the age of butter substitutes (though the fake stuff is still widely used in consumer industries), we think margarine deserves a final salute. Faux butter took us from the age of Napoleon—who sponsored its creation for the military and lower classes (let them eat margarine), through the butter shortages of WWII, to the anti-fat craze of the 1960s-1990s. Margarine a part of Americana that—like lard sandwiches and congealed entrees—we’ll remember with grossed-out nostalgia.

(Image: commons.wikimedia.com)

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