Pakistani Girls FINALLY Taught that Rape is Unacceptable: Feminism Rejoices!

The goddesses of girl power shot bolts of lightening cheers today when it was announced that Sex Education is now being taught to young girls in rural Pakistan. To us Americans sex ed is just the awkward maraschino cherry on top of the terrible puberty sundae, but believe us: this is a HUGE deal in ultra conservative Pakistan.

Just how big? Let’s look at five shocking facts that influence life as a woman in Pakistan (note: statistics are shaky because only violence reported makes the numbers):

1.) Marital rape is allowed. A woman cannot say no to her husband. If she tries to defend herself legally (after the incident), she will be turned away.

2.) Women who report rapes are shamed for “dishonoring” the man who raped her. Seriously.

3.) To this day, some women are murdered for giving birth to daughters instead of sons.

4.) Honor killings (killing of a woman who has supposedly brought dishonor to her family) still occur.

5.) Domestic abuse is considered a “private family matter.” Legal action is not taken.

Sadly, we could go on – but today is for celebrating a possible turn of events!

In a monumental new direction, these sex ed classes teach girls that they can say no to sex and they have a right to defend themselves.

Young Uzma Panhwar (age 10), from a school in Sindh, was proud to announce: “My body is only mine and only I have the rights on it. If someone touches my private parts I’ll bite or slap him in the face.”

Also awesome? They teach girls that periods aren’t gross and nothing to be ashamed about. Cheers to progress! Let's hope we see a new generation of fierce Pakistani women.

Image: a future fierce female in Sindh, courtesty of Wikipedia Commons

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