Weird+Wonderful+WTF: Katy Perry Music Video Scandal! Baby Born in Crosswalk! 9-11 Waffle Call!

Once again, we've rounded up some of the day's most click-worthy, gawk-and-gape-and-guffaw news stories. Enjoy!

65,000 Signatures Gathered in Petition Against "Blasphemous" Katy Perry Video

In addition to being batsh*t crazy, Katy Perry's new video for "Dark Horse" has thousands up in arms about its anti-religious imagery. In one scene, a man wearing a pendant that says "Allah" in Arabic is burned, which has led to the creation of a petition with more than 65,000 supporters. The man behind the petition makes a pretty thoughtful and convincing case, bringing up memories of past music-video scandals like the offensive Thai phrases in Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty." Did Katy take it too far this time? Debate...


Woman Gives Birth in Crosswalk

"Oh my god, the baby's coming!" So said a pregnant woman who, upon realizing her baby was waiting for no hospital, knealt in the street and had her child right then and there. Mama and baby are doing well after bystanders helped until medics arrived. (Yay people!) And because there's no such thing as too many quirky birthing stories, click here.



California Couple Discover Millions of Dollars Worth of Old Coins, Buried In their Own Backyard

Next time you're roaming around your backyard with your dog cursing all the poo you've got to pick up...think about all the buried treasure instead! That's what happened to a couple in Northern California, who found more than 1,400 gold coins from the 1800s inside corroded metal containers outside their home. Total tally for the loot? Up to $1 million per piece. Excuse us while we grab this shovel and head outside...


Woman Calls 9-11 Over Cold Waffles

Another day, another bizarre food complaint. As highlighted in some crazy dispatch audio, a woman rung up 9-11 to complain about raw waffles she was served at a restaurant in Tampa, Fla., prompting an impressively patient dispatcher to tell her the issue qualified as a "civil matter." Funny, but also troubling: people of the world, please only use 9-11 for actual emergencies. And no, bad waffles don't count.

Gold image:; Katy Perry image: YouTube screenshot; crosswalk and waffle images: Wikimedia Commons




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