Should You Pay For Love?

Credit: ThinkStock

Credit: ThinkStock

When you can’t do something yourself you pay someone, right? There’s no shame in forking out money to someone to clean your home, give you a massage or write your resume. So if you were having trouble finding the most important thing ever (love), why wouldn’t you enlist some help?

There are many different types of dating support services to help your love life, should you want that. Let’s take a look at a few.

Coached To True Love

A dating coach will help you discover what's preventing you from finding love and help you date better. Unlike your friends (who hated your last boyfriend) and mother (who wishes you would find someone already), dating coaches give you an outside and professional opinion. It goes without saying that a dating coach is not a therapist, but they can help you uncover psychological issues which may be preventing you from having a flourishing love life.

Kira Sabin is a dating coach and certified life coach (though she prefers to be called a life coach for singles). Kira believes that, “A lot of times, people are choosing what they want and they come up empty handed." Kira’s method is to help her clients become extremely self-aware, so they can figure out what they need and not necessarily just what they want. And yes, there is a difference.

Put The Pro In Profile

Getting your profile professionally written, edited and evaluated is a one-time investment that will probably pay for itself in dinners and drinks. We all know online dating is competitive, and though I’ve offered up some profile tips that worked for me, they might not be enough to make your profile stand out. I asked Christan Marashio, who writes, edits and evaluate profiles professionally, about how this service can help:

"The benefit of having a professional edit or review your profile—someone outside of your circle of friends or family—is that they bring objectivity to the review that someone close to you can't. While a close friend or sibling might find certain quirks endearing, they may be too close to you to be able to tell how something would go over with a complete stranger."

She also mentioned a huge mistake that many people make on their profiles (you must read this—seriously):

"Many people feel uncomfortable selling themselves, so turning it over to someone else to write or tweak alleviates the possibility that the online dater might undercut what makes them such a great date or partner. If there is ever a time to be a little braggy, it's when you're writing your dating profile."

If You Want The Best Shot At Love, Get The Best Shot

The first thing everyone sees when looking at online profiles is a picture. There’s no reason why you can’t look like the best version of yourself. If you don’t have a picture of yourself that you like (and if you don’t like it, how is someone else going to like it?), getting professional pictures may be a worthwhile investment. There are photographers that specialize in dating profile pictures (no, really), but if that just feels a little too weird, any professional photographer will do. You also don’t need to shell out tons of cash, as Groupon is chock-full of photo shoot deals. (Tiger not included.)

There's a certain stigma attached to paying for romance. But who's to say you can't spend your hard-earned cash however you please, should romance be the thing you want? After all, that choice is what modern-day feminism is all about.

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