Beyoncé Buys A House For Her Feet

Queen Bee. The One and Only Beyoncé

Queen Bee. The One and Only Beyoncé

Yesterday it was Lenny's penis, today it's Beyoncé's shoes. Just when we're sure things can't possibly get any more outlandish, someone spends $312,000, on shoes. For their feet.

The median house price is California is $443,200. That probably seems like a lot to those of you living in Idaho, but remember we have to include both San Francisco ($1,000,000) and  Los Angeles (a bargain at $635,000) in that figure. I don't live in either of those cities, so basically Queen Bey is walking around in my house. 

I'm a self-identified shoe lover. I once even had an entire closet devoted to my shoes — the sum of which was probably $2,000. Which is still pretty ridiculous, but not 2,100 square-feet-of-living-space ridiculous. 

I guess Bey is planning on wearing the shoes, which are made of diamonds, duh, for an upcoming video. In which she will presumably admit that said shoes could feed a third world nation. To be fair, her net worth is $450 million dollars, so these shoes might as well be thrifted.

Here they are.

The Shoes

TBH they look prety miserable to me. But, it should be noted, since they are made of (what I am sure are not blood) diamonds, their value will only increase with time.

Essentially, an investment. 

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