Why Girl-On-Guy Rape is Hilarious and Other Dangerous Fallacies

Rape is an undeniably heavy, tragically dark, societal travesty that is never. a laughing matter—unless it's a female forcing a man to penetrate her of course.

Women raping men is suspiciously absent from most discussions that occur around female rape culture and prevention. And while male rape is certainly not as common as violent sex acts against women, it’s certainly nothing to joke about

Worse yet—especially among young boys and teenagers—sexual abuse, or rape by females is considered a kind of bastardized badge of honor. Somehow their violation is reframed as an achievement; they're so irrestistable a woman had to take them by force. Or they're supposed to count their lucky stars that someone deigned to touched them at all? And of course this is all wrapped up in the (mostly) false stereotype that all men are insatiable sex mongers who are always in the mood, thus any advance by any woman ever is more than welcome. So can the rape of a man even exist? Ah, the glory of erroneous logic. 

This video poignantly and succinctly slams the notion of a "grateful" male rape victim. It sums up—however hauntingly—why these rapes are systematically mocked, undermined and perpetuated.

Image courtesy of YouTube

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