#RavsRecipes: Persimmon Burrata Flatbread

#RavsRecipes: Persimmon Burrata Flatbread

#RavsRecipes: Persimmon Burrata Flatbread

I now interrupt your frantic turkey preparations for the following announcement: 


This year, we are forgoing a traditional Turkey Day feast because REASONS. Mostly, I just don't love the whole history of Thanksgiving, nor do I enjoy turkey. 

But I do enjoy pizza.

I'm bucking tradition this year, though, because I want something different. Something kind of sweet, a little savory, and frankly unexpected. 

Persimmon is a fruit that is highly underrated. I'm a latecomer to the persimmon fan club, but sign me up because I LOVE THEM. 

I think you might, too. And even if you choose to make a giant feast this year like most of the U.S., you can still make this as an appetizer while you wait for your turkey to finish cooking all the way through.


1 flatbread or pizza crust

1 large ball of burrata, or 2 small ones

1 ripe persimmon

1 Tbsp olive oil

4 fresh basil leaves

1/2 tsp herbs d'province or Italian seasoning

Pomegranate balsamic vinegar (regular vinegar works in a pinch)


Preheat your oven to a toasty 400 degrees. Make sure it is REALLY HOT. This is essential to eating pizza or flatbread. 

Brush the entire topside of your crust with olive oil. Sprinkle with herbs, and maybe some salt and pepper.

Slice burrata carefully and thickly, and place in around the crust. Do the same with the persimmon.

Bake until the crust is golden brown on the edges and the burrata has melted together. 

Remove from oven, drizzle with balsamic vinegar and roughly chopped basil. Eat immediately. 

Thank the baby Santa Claus you had the foresight to try persimmon. Amen.


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