30 Beauty Pacts I Made With Myself On My 30th Birthday

Being a grownup now, I vow to get my beauty routine in order.

Being a grownup now, I vow to get my beauty routine in order.

Last month, I turned 30 (gasp!). It still gives me a little bit of a heart palpitation to type that out, but nonetheless, it happened. I guess the shock value arises since it’s the biggest milestone birthday since being (finally) able to legally drink, nine years ago. Plus, 30 truly means that you have adult responsibilities in your life.

Being 30 also means getting your shit together, right? You gotta make sure your investments are in check, retirement is squared away, and since we’re planning on buying a house within the next three years -  credit report monitoring is a definite thing, every single month.

But what about my appearance? Yup, making sure that I actually have a beauty routine is a must, and I have made some pretty simple, yet necessary pacts with myself, in hopes that I will still look thirty when I turn forty in ten years.

  1. I will moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Where, you ask? Everywhere!
  2. I will change my pillow case at least twice a week.

  3. Speaking of pillowcases – make mine silk!
  4. I will make sure my makeup comes off every night before bed.
  5. I will spend more money on beauty products that are high quality.
  6. I will schedule a mani/pedi at least once a month.
  7. And haircuts? I will make sure to stop putting them off.
  8. I will stop picking at my nails.
  9. I will clean out my makeup bag twice a year instead of holding onto eye shadow from high school.

  10. I will smile more.
  11. I will pay more attention to my eyebrows and make sure they are plucked or waxed more often.
  12. I will stay out of the sun so much.
  13. I will make sure that SPF is in pretty much all of my beauty products.
  14. I will keep a nail file with me at all times for emergencies.
  15. I will not compete with others and try my hardest to always remember that beauty comes from within.
  16. I will try to use more natural remedies and products (i.e., coconut oil as eye makeup remover).
  17. I will practice better posture.
  18. I will pay more attention to the ingredients in my shampoo/conditioner.
  19. I will set a more loving example of myself for my children.
  20. I will drink more water – like way more water.
  21. I will take more beauty risks.
  22. I will start seeing a dermatologist regularly.
  23. I will stop stressing about age – and hopefully it will decrease any worry lines.

  24. I will make sure to wear a fragrance everywhere I go, because the beautiful smell truly does make me feel wonderful.
  25. I will treat myself to a blowout… every once in a while instead of once a year.
  26. I will focus more on what’s healthy and right for me, versus what the latest health fad is.
  27. I will start keeping a great cuticle oil on my bedside table for nightly use.
  28. I will color my hair less often.
  29. I will stop using super magnified mirrors – nothing good happens when you look in one of those.
  30. I will care less about what other people think of me and more what I think of myself. 

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