#RavsRecipes: Next Level Caprese

#RavsRecipes: Next Level Caprese

#RavsRecipes: Next Level Caprese

Summer is winding down. And even though there are still a few weeks left, school is in session and Labor Day is the final hurrah for the season.

I know not all people love summer. When I lived in the south, I was one of those summer haters. When it's so hot that stepping outside causes you to weep and sweat until you are a puddle of stink and despair with the back of your thighs sticking to all the seats, I get it. Really, I do.

But still. There is something special about summer, even when you're a grown-ass adult. 

One of my favorite summer treats is creamy burrata cheese with any thing juicy and acidic. If you don't know what burrata cheese is, I'll tell you. It's mozzarella cheese stuffed with mozzarella cream. Does that sound as insanely good as it tastes? I hope so. Because your caprese salad will never be the same.

This is also a great way to push your salad game to the next level. No lettuce, no dressing, no anything that makes your mouth boring. If you are using fresh ingredients and ripe fruit, these ingredients are all you will need. 

The magic in this dish is the creaminess of the burrata, the acid from the tomatoes, and the sweetness from the peach. Add it a little fresh chopped basil and this will make you thankful that summer isn't quite over. Yet.


1 large, very ripe heirloom tomato

1 large, very ripe peach

1 burrata

3-4 fresh basil leaves, torn

Kosher sea salt and fresh cracked pepper


Slice tomatoes and peach with roughly the same thickness. Thick is good, especially with this "salad". Place on plate.

Remove burrata from container and blot with paper towel or cloth. Place in center of the plate. Sprinkle basil generously, and salt and pepper. Enjoy immediately. 

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