Recap: Trump Trumps Tuesday — Again. Time To Turn Off The TV

Photo credit: Whisper

Photo credit: Whisper

Hello, Americans. Another Wednesday morning, another nightmare day after Tuesday voting.

What happened last night?

Donald Trump won three out of four states. Bernie Sanders beat Clinton by pulling off a huge win in Michigan.

What's the big story here?

The media.

For starters, they gave Trump his full-press-conference victory speech. Not once did they cut away to show Clinton’s speech. Not once.

Meanwhile, a man who is pretty set to be the Republican nominee called out his opponent yet again, by name, and by insult. “Lying Ted.” Look, say what you want about Cruz. He deserves some level of decorum from a potential president. You know — the man who will potentially have access to the NSA, the IRS, the CIA.

Republican voters look ready to hand over the run of these agencies — not to mention the military — to a guy who can't stop talking about himself, his golf courses, and his failed “Trump Steaks” business. Which were displayed in a platter of raw meat.*

It looked like something from Roman days of old, when the high-minded citizens of that empire gathered to watch criminals and political prisoners die in anguish. You know. Just for funsies.

Say one thing for those bloody Emperors:

Boy, they weren't afraid to say it like it is. No political correctness there! If someone disagrees with you, just go ahead and kill ‘em. Why mince words?

I exaggerate. Obviously. But Trump has openly said he will use libel laws to put a stop to articles and media pieces that aren't flattering to him.

That’s not, like, fascist or anything.

In the midst of all this, the media continues to treat the outrageous the same as the dangerous.

Trump says he has a large penis?

Chuckle. Oh, Donald.

Trump says he will order the military to commit war crimes against their conscience?

Shrug. Oh, Donald.

Trump’s campaign manager physically assaults a female reporter?

Buried beneath stories about how “winning” Trump is.

Why? Why do they pretend he isn't dangerous?

Because Trump is a ratings golden goose. The more he screams for attention, the more eyeballs we give him. That means CNN, Fox News, MSNBC — they have a big incentive to air him exclusively.

More unbelievable Trump stories = more viewers = more cash from advertisers.

So. I call on all conscientious objectors to Trump running the media, stealing time from other candidates from both parties. I call on you to wrest power back from the threat of Donald Trump.

Turn him off.

Any time you see a story about him, turn the TV off. Change the channel.

Any time you see him being interviewed, turn it off.

Send the only message these “news” outlets understand: if Trump is on, you are out.


*And for the record: those weren't actually his steaks.


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