Annual Summer PSA: The Sun Is NOT Your Skin's Friend

Prevent skin cancer by using sunscreen regularly. Apply and reapply with gusto.

Prevent skin cancer by using sunscreen regularly. Apply and reapply with gusto.

Hi, hello. How are you? Did you have a nice weekend? Good, good. Hey, are you wearing sunscreen?

I'm serious. Right now, do you have sunscreen on? If the answer is no, go put some on right now. I'll wait. 

Listen, y'all, the warm weather is here in most of the United States and we're all getting unburied from the layers and letting the sun shine on our skin. BUT THE SUN IS NOT YOUR SKIN'S FRIEND!

Do you know about skin cancer? Of course you do. It's not like it's a secret. Skin cancer is a very bad thing that can happen to anyone with skin. It's incredibly common and it ranges in severity from "Meh - your derm can take this off in-office and you're good to go," to, "Get your affairs in order."

I'm not joking. My cousin died of skin cancer. This is serious, don't dismiss it. 

The good news is that skin cancer can be preventable, and the better news is that prevention is on the shelf at retailers everywhere! Sunscreen is easily acquired, easily applied, easily re-applied every few hours, and bingo! You are a skin cancer preventing champion!

So go to the store of your choice and buy about six containers of sunscreen. Put one in the bathroom, one near the front door, one in your purse, one in your car, one in your gym bag, and one in the medicine cabinet for when one of the others runs dry. The object here is to have sunscreen nearby any time you think to yourself, Hey, am I wearing sunscreen? Are my kids wearing it? My significant other? I can't remember! With ample supplies of sunscreen on hand, you don't need to remember. You just need to whip some out and put it on!

So that's my lecture for the day. Buy sunscreen, carry sunscreen everywhere, and wear sunscreen. Your cancer-free skin will thank you. 

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