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 really want to meet him, but I don’t know what to do because of the pictures.

Ask Erin: How Do I Tell The Guy I Met On Tinder I'm Not The One In My Pictures?

Dear Erin, OK, I am sure I’m going to catch hell for this, but I created a fake profile on Tinder. I mean, the profile isn’t completely fake, but the Read...
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I give her my advice, then she comes back the next day whining about everything and asking for the same advice, again! Help!

Ask Erin: Am I Being A Bad Friend? 

Dear Erin, I need to know if I am being a bad friend. I have a good friend, who is also my roommate; she has been having a lot of issues with the guy Read...
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I'm confused: She says she doesn’t want anything with me in the future, but she tells me she loves me all the time (and says it’s not in a “friend” way).

Ask Erin: Help! My Ex Is Sending Me Mixed Signals

Dear Erin, I am a lesbian and am currently talking again to this girl who I’ve dated in the past. She and I dated for seven months, until I cheated Read...
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I feel like I'm setting myself up for heartbreak — but at the same time, things could change?

Ask Erin: Help! I'm In Love With A Person I Likely Have No Future With

I recently became involved with a man who is significantly younger than I am. I feel foolish, but at the same time, I know love comes in many Read...
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Adults need ADULT time.

Ask Erin: Help! I'm Worried My Partner’s Kid Is A Deal Breaker

I have a dilemma and I don't know what to do. I am in a lesbian relationship. My girlfriend has a 10-year-old daughter and I am totally OK with that Read...
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Why can't I leave him once and for all?

Ask Erin: My Partner's Bad For Me — Why Can't I Let Them Go?

I'd like your opinion on why a smart, formerly-independent woman can't break ties with someone who I know is emotionally manipulating me, making me Read...
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She says things like “I’m not responsible for your feelings,” which I get, but my feelings are the consequences of her actions!

Ask Erin: Help! My Partner Wants To Be Polyamorous And I Don't

So, here’s the deal: I am a lesbian. My girlfriend and I have been together for three years. We have had a completely monogamous relationship. But Read...
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Breakups are hard, even under the best of circumstances. Messy breakups that involve court proceedings are even harder.

Ask Erin: Help! My Friends Are Still Friends With My Ex

My partner informed me that our relationship of nine years was over. I am friends with a couple who were so supportive through the whole ordeal. A Read...
Erin Khar    |   02.18.16   |   SHARE
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