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Optical Illusions That'll Help Reduce Your Big 'Ol Belly—Trick Yourself Healthy!

The latest diet tip comes from Italian research published in the journal Appetite—the study shows that the color of your plate affects how much food you’re likely to pile on that bad boy.
Jade Woodley   |   04.22.14 4:42pm   |   SHARE

Food Texture: Another Factor Influencing How Much We Eat

Eating is a sensory experience.  Of course we taste food, but we also smell, see, and touch it while eating it. We’ve long known that color affects our appetite (hence all those bright red, yellow, and orange fast food joints!), and research from the 1970s... Read...
Jade Woodley   |   04.18.14 6:48am   |   SHARE

You Can do What with Ice Cream?

It's an ice cream bonanza! Turns out you can bake with it, cleanse with it and use technology to enjoy it.
Jade Woodley   |   04.17.14 8:18pm   |   SHARE

Entrain App to Revolutionize Travel, Jet-Setters Rejoice!

New jet-lag app, Entrain, aims to banish the traveling blues once and for all using circadian rhythms.
Jade Woodley   |   04.11.14 3:35pm   |   SHARE

Listful Thinking: Top 3 Reality T.V. Shows in Space

Google's recent announcement of the Lunar X competition has us thinking about other—amazing/awful—space-travel programs.
Jade Woodley   |   04.11.14 8:35am   |   SHARE

Save Money, Quit Therapy: New Game Offers Relief for Anxiety

Anxiety-sufferers may now be able to seek treatment without ever leaving the house.
Jade Woodley   |   03.26.14 3:27pm   |   SHARE