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Meet The Daring Dames Who Revolutionized Women's Rights In America

Even with a million sexist constraints, a handful of women changed everything.
Jane Jones   |   03.8.15 11:00am   |   SHARE

Who Was America’s Most Womanizing President?

And the winner is . . . Warren G. Harding! This little-known Commander-in-Chief got it on to no end in his political career.
Jane Jones   |   02.16.15 1:30pm   |   SHARE

The Strange World Of "Body Farms": Solving Crime Mysteries One Cadaver At A Time

It may be grisly, but by strewing corpses around a field, scientists are able to snag killers and address global human rights abuses.
Jane Jones   |   01.19.15 2:34am   |   SHARE

The Shifting Demographics And Social Dynamics Of Being A Maid In America

Full-time servants played a pivotal—and complicated—role for elite families of the past. How has this relationship evolved?
Jane Jones   |   01.8.15 3:03am   |   SHARE
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Badass Berlin Wall Escape Stories

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall, we share ingenious escape attempts—including one with a chicken coop.
Jane Jones   |   11.10.14 12:48pm   |   SHARE

Japanese Guides To U.S. Travel—Translated For Your Viewing Pleasure

“In Japan, hip hop clothes are considered stylish. But in the United States, it is wise to avoid them."
Jane Jones   |   11.6.14 1:44am   |   SHARE

What's The World's Deadliest Profession?

The death rate for this job since 2004 is 12 times higher than the death rate for U.S. soldiers in Iraq’s worst years.
Jane Jones   |   11.3.14 12:08pm   |   SHARE

Love Him Or Hate Him, Meet The Hippest Occultist Of All Time

A religious founder, prolific writer, reported spy and celebrity fixture, Aleister Crowley brought a unique brand of creepiness to the arts scene.
Jane Jones   |   10.24.14 10:50am   |   SHARE
Credit: ThinkStock

Take Us Off The Pedestal, Please: Women Can Be Just As Evil As Men

Gone Girl is a reminder of a fact society has long had a hard time grasping: Moral depravity knows no gender.
Jane Jones   |   10.20.14 1:15pm   |   SHARE

Science Is Sweet: The Eerie Tale Of Utah's Ancient Tree Clones

This isn’t some genetically-modified farming experiment gone awry—these pristine clones are all natural. And creepy.
Jane Jones   |   10.17.14 2:17pm   |   SHARE