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High On History: 20th Century Women Turned Fashion Accessories Into Weapons

In their bid to ward off creeps, post-Victorian women found a creative use for the hatpin.
Jane Jones   |   10.14.14 12:58pm   |   SHARE
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

High On History: Was 1841 President William Henry Harrison's Death Due To Sewage Horrors?

William Henry Harrison perished almost as soon as he entered the White House. Is excrement to blame?
Jane Jones   |   10.5.14 2:09am   |   SHARE
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Street Fighter II: A Japanese/American Love Story

The game is an odd testament to the simultaneous strength of the nations' economic relations, and profound cultural differences.
Jane Jones   |   10.1.14 2:51am   |   SHARE

Sorry Creationists, The Darwin Fish Is Real

A joke on the religious symbol and an icon of the evolutionary idea of transitional forms, the Darwin fish packs a blasphemous one-two punch.
Jane Jones   |   09.29.14 2:34am   |   SHARE

High On History: The Volcanic Disaster That Decimated The 19th Century

A little-known Indonesian volcano caused disease, famine and massive arctic melting in the 19th century. Death toll: tens of millions.
Jane Jones   |   09.28.14 7:08am   |   SHARE
Credit: ThinkStock

Meet The New Faces Of Heroin Addiction: White Suburban Yuppies

Trends in heroin use have shifted significantly in the past decade—what happened?
Jane Jones   |   09.25.14 7:54am   |   SHARE

High On History: Cronuts Be Damned—Are We Living In A Dessert Dark Age?

Growing up in ruralish-surburbanish Middle America, my restaurant experiences consisted largely of Applebee’s and its many iterations.
Jane Jones   |   09.20.14 2:31am   |   SHARE

3 Islands You Should Never Vacation On (Unless You Like Corpses, Anthrax And Ghosts)

Islands can serve as vacation getaways secluded from the cares of the world. They can also be sites of isolated horror!
Jane Jones   |   09.14.14 2:43am   |   SHARE
Credit: ThinkStock

Japanese Cat Island Fulfills Your Dreams (Or Nightmares) Of Feline Domination

The tiny island of Tashirojima holds cats—and tourists—in great esteem.
Jane Jones   |   09.12.14 10:35am   |   SHARE

Meet The Only Animal That Can Survive In Space

We would boil from the inside out if unprotected in outer space, but this tiny critter miraculously survives.
Jane Jones   |   09.11.14 2:00am   |   SHARE