Jenni Berrett is a writer, reader, bubble bath enthusiast, and the features editor at Ravishly. Her writing has appeared on HelloGiggles, GOOD Magazine, Lush Cosmetics, and Doll Hospital Journal. She writes a mental health column on Ravishly called OCDame, and sometimes she writes about astrology too. She can usually be found reading a fantasy novel or trying to stop her cat from knocking various clutter off overflowing bookshelves. She is rarely successful.

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When the sun, moon, and earth are aligned, we can’t help but be forced to align ourselves as well.

Exorcising The Ego: How To Get The Most Out Of The Solar Eclipse

When the sun, moon, and earth are aligned, we can’t help but be forced to align ourselves as well. Secrets stop being secrets, epiphanies are had, and lives are turned upside down.
Jenni Berrett   |   07.12.18 10:30am   |   SHARE
From AllGo's website:

AllGo: The Fat-Friendly Review App Creating A World Where Everyone Fits

Make no mistake: this isn’t just about sturdier chairs. This is about the pain and humiliation of being told, “You must be this thin to engage with the world.”
Jenni Berrett   |   03.27.18 1:18pm   |   SHARE
Illustration by Charlotte Klemm

 How To Get The Most Out Of Pisces Season (Even If You Aren't A Pisces)

It's Pisces Season! Pisces is the last of the water signs, and the final in the wheel of the Zodiac. Pisces or not, each sign has a presence in all of us.
Jenni Berrett   |   02.22.18 12:01am   |   SHARE

You Do You: Making Resolutions How You Want, When You Want, If You Want

January has come and gone. Let’s dissect the general narrative we spin about the resolutions we’re supposed to be making and the shame we are supposed to feel when we don’t keep them.
Jenni Berrett   |   02.7.18 12:00am   |   SHARE
Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

Stop Beating Yourself Up — You're Doing Your Best

The facade of control I’d spent so much energy maintaining was ripped from me. I am doing my best, and that’s good enough for me.
Jenni Berrett   |   02.6.18 12:01am   |   SHARE

Taylor Grey Is Making Pop Music With A Punch

Her songs are deeply personal and introspective — they just happen to be catchy as hell at the same time.
Jenni Berrett   |   01.30.18 11:24pm   |   SHARE

Self-Care Horoscopes For The Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo

Deep, lasting self-care requires us to ask a lot of difficult questions of ourselves. The eclipse embodies this lunar duality so well, offering both tough love and tender security.
Jenni Berrett   |   01.29.18 8:45am   |   SHARE
I try to imagine weathering the storm of my father’s death without these animals by my side, and the thought alone nearly capsizes me.

Animal Companionship Is As Essential For My Mental Health As Human Connection

In what’s been the most difficult year of my life, animal companionship has been as essential to my mental wellbeing as the time spent with my family.
Jenni Berrett   |   01.22.18 7:59pm   |   SHARE
Astrology helps me make sense of the parts of life that science has no answers for.

How This Stuck-Up Skeptic Fell In Love With Astrology

Astrology helps me make sense of the parts of life that science has no answers for. Things like: How do I figure out what I want? It gives me clarity.
Jenni Berrett   |   01.2.18 12:01am   |   SHARE

Amy Millan Of Stars Wants More Women Producing Music

Sound engineers, producers, record label executives — just 5% of the people who produce and proliferate our music are women.
Jenni Berrett   |   11.15.17 12:00am   |   SHARE