Jess writes about Politics and Education, with the occasional foray into Culture (mostly of the Pop and book-ish variety). She has a regular column at The Good Men Project, and is a sometime contributor to Elite Daily. Loves: Flannery O'Connor, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Colombia. Loathes: Mayonnaise and hypocrisy.

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That Christmas Eve in Vegas changed me for life.

Christmas Eve Alone In Las Vegas       

That Christmas Eve in Vegas changed me for life. I’ve tried to remember not to deny myself the things I love about the holiday.
Jess Lahitou   |   12.21.17 12:01am   |   SHARE
Google, Facebook, and Microsoft basically Silicon Valley committed what must be an unforgivable act of corporate greed —defending a website selling underage sex.

Silicon Valley Defended A Website Selling Underage Sex

Silicon Valley companies defending sex trafficking has made me question if good people — or even baseline-human people — actually exist anymore.
Jess Lahitou   |   11.7.17 12:01am   |   SHARE

Mental Health Of The Underprivileged Is More Vulnerable After A Natural Disaster

For the mental health of underprivileged victims of natural disaster, navigating the aftermath can be as much a struggle as surviving the original disaster.
Jess Lahitou   |   10.24.17 12:13am   |   SHARE
7. Jules’ gay friend George should have been the lead. (Image credit; YouTube/MovieClips)

Re-Watching My Best Friend's Wedding 20 Years Later — I Have Some Questions

Watching "My Best Friend’s Wedding" now felt akin to culture shock. "I was alive then!" insists my brain. But… was I? Have I somehow wiped certain aspects of my beloved 90s from the ol’ memory? Because, I gotta tell you, I do not remember all this mess
Jess Lahitou   |   08.31.17 12:01am   |   SHARE
So I guess what I’m doing here isn’t so much fessing up to not living my best life, but asking a question: Is it possible to be living your best life, even if you’re exhausted?

Dear Oprah: I Confess I Have Not Been 'Living My Best Life'

I suppose it seems that “my best life” is one where I have time and financial dollars to foster sick baby goats back to health, while also homeschooling all my kiddos, with ample hours left for one-on-one muscle toning and stretching sessions, and perhaps a... Read...
Jess Lahitou   |   08.25.17 12:01am   |   SHARE
One day, my daughter wandered up to me: “Mom, did you know that the Mariana Trench is the deepest, darkest place on Earth?” (Image Credit: Instagram/disneyjunior)

The Best TV Show For Kids: Octonauts

When my best friend, who doesn’t have any kids herself, came to visit, not only did she watch Octonauts with the little ones, she later admitted to wanting to watch the show on her own. Yeah. It’s that good.
Jess Lahitou   |   08.17.17 9:25am   |   SHARE
Trump also said it would take him roughly 90 minutes to learn “everything” there was to know about nuclear missiles.

Some Dudes Think They Can Learn 'Everything' In 90 Minutes

As Tom Nichols puts it, ignorance has now become a "virtue." And it takes a whole lot of it to claim you can learn 'everything' about a complex subject - like, say, nuclear weapons - in roughly 90 minutes.
Jess Lahitou   |   08.9.17 8:34am   |   SHARE
The kids who often need more help and guardrails to ensure effective learning are also the ones who suffer the most from ubiquitous tech in the classroom.

Technology In The Classroom: A Threat To Students' Learning & Their Health

The most urgent matter for this former teacher is that we stop risking the educational potential and physical health of our students for the false promise of EdTech as a panacea for our schools' struggles.
Jess Lahitou   |   08.3.17 11:09am   |   SHARE
Up your followers past a certain number, and endorsement deals might suddenly seem a whole lot more lucrative than that old proletariat pastime of "love." (Image Credit: Instagram/@tristasutter)

I Miss When The Bachelor Franchise At Least Pretended To Take Itself Seriously

The blatant promise of a career in the spotlight has stripped the Bachelor/Bachelorette of its beautiful, benign lie: that we could watch “regular” people navigate the perils and pitfalls of modern dating, that such a quest was in and of itself enough, and... Read...
Jess Lahitou   |   07.26.17 2:17pm   |   SHARE
As the New York Times’ just-happened interview with Trump shows, the guy remains ever unable to give a simple, on-point answer.

Trump's NYT Interview: Twitter Cannot Even With Trump's Hot Mess Of Answers

Trump’s ability to kick it with top-notch op-ed crews is just nonexistent. As the New York Times’ interview with Trump shows, the man remains ever unable to give a simple, on-point answer. And Twitter's had a hey-day with his responses.
Jess Lahitou   |   07.19.17 11:05pm   |   SHARE