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Deadly Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Continues to Spread and Man Is It Grisly

Panic, border closings and dietary bans arise from epidemic. Can't Africa catch a break? Read...
Jane Jones   |   03.31.14   |   SHARE

Listful Thinking: 4 Scary Ingredients in Your Moisturizer

Have you looked at the ingredients in your moisturizer lately? You should. Read...
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Diet Slam of the Week: Can Going Ketogenic Magically Make You Skinny and Cancer-Free?

If headlines are to be believed, the ketogenic diet can help with bipolar disorder, epilepsy and cancer, all while helping you lose tons of weight! Read...
Nikki Gloudeman   |   03.26.14   |   SHARE

Save Money, Quit Therapy: New Game Offers Relief for Anxiety

Anxiety-sufferers may now be able to seek treatment without ever leaving the house. Read...
Jade Woodley   |   03.26.14   |   SHARE

Listful Thinking: 6 Ways to Use Honey without Eating It

Sure, Honey is delicious, but did you know that it has all sorts of uses outside the body too? Read...
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The Proof is 4 Million Strong: Exercise Can Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer!

News flash from France: Exercise is good for the boobs! Read...
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Yes, You can be Allergic to Your Guy's Semen

“I can’t tonight babe, I’m allergic to your semen.” Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   03.20.14   |   SHARE
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Listful Thinking: 4 Great Ways to Put Annoying Dandelions to Good Use

Dandelions are not just weeds! Here, four things you never knew you could do with the pesky flowers (um, weeds). Read...
Aubrey Wallace   |   03.20.14   |   SHARE