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Cameron Diaz Can't Stop Giving Vagina Advice

Remember when Cameron Diaz came out about her  Read...
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Diet Slam of the Week: Eat Like a Cavewoman, Lose Weight Fast!

New research has killed the buzz on the Paleo diet, the latest get-skinny-quick phenom. Read...
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Want to Hike Everest? You'll Be Carrying Some Sh*t Down the Mountain (Literally)

Mt. Everest. Where mountaineers go to die, where Sherpas Read...
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Workout Wisdom: How Your Tunes Affect Your Tush

We all know it, we’ve all done it — that song comes on mid-run, jump, push or lift and suddenly you’ve got that extra ‘umph you need to finish strong Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   03.3.14   |   SHARE

Straight-A Students + Anorexia: Where Perfectionism and Eating Disorders Collide

UK prep-school teens are being driven to anorexia. Here are some surprising reasons why a desire to be perfect causes negative body issues. Read...
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Like to Moov it, Moov It? New Robot Personal Trainer Can Help

Remember when we learned about the sex Read...
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Crab Blood, Three-parent Babies and Lab-grown Livers: Three Morally Questionable Medical Studies

1) Jars line a long-stretching silver table, arranged under Read...
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Diet Slam: Thigh Gap Fever Promotes Anorexic Behavior

"Get skinny quick!" schemes range from the questionable to the insane. This week, we rip into the tragic "thigh gap" craze that promotes starvation Read...
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