A Lifetime of VHS-induced Body Image Issues: The Barbie Workout Video of My Youth

Barbie says: Dance! Workout! *Look like me! (*You will never look like Barbie.) Read...
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Woman's Eyeballs Are Invaded by Amoebas: The Scary Science Behind Leaving Contacts in Way Too Long

As one woman learned the hard way, careless hygiene can make you literally blind. Read...
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Stage 5 Drought Catastrophe Drives Texans To Drink Toilet Water

Wichita Falls is the second Texan city to resort to toilet-to-tap methods of water filtration. Curious how they turn poo-water into potable H20? Read...
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New Study Reveals Our Brains Use Standard Code To Process Emotions

While computer-like elements of our noggins abound, the idea that our most "illogical bits" are organized the same way makes us seem like cyborgs. Read...
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Safety First: How to Steer Clear of Danger During Your Summer Travels

From Myanmar to Georgia, here's how to jet-set smartly. Read...
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Behold! The 9 Most Ridiculous Fat-Shaming Diet Ads in History

Damn, it's hard to be a woman. Read...
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This is Why You Must Wear Underwear When Bikini Shopping

For the sake of your lady-flower, use your damn head. . Read...
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Science Says People Prefer Electric Shocks To Spending Time Alone

What's to account for this intense aversion to solo reflection? Read...
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