Let's Get Real: Is Your Cell Phone Addiction Dangerous?

We've been asking the question. And now we're asking it again: what health risks do we face by keeping our cell phones pressed against our bodies Read...
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It's Women's History Month: Time to Give Abortion Providers Some Much Deserved Recognition

It’s Women’s History Month, and with the emphasis on providing profiles of prominent female figures, it’s easy to Read...
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Skinny Fat: It's a Thing

Congratulations, we have another thing to worry about. Kids, welcome to "skinny fat." Read...
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Health Nuts Decry Bread Compound: Everybody Flips Out

A current Read...
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Cameron Diaz Can't Stop Giving Vagina Advice

Remember when Cameron Diaz came out about her  Read...
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Diet Slam of the Week: Eat Like a Cavewoman, Lose Weight Fast!

New research has killed the buzz on the Paleo diet, the latest get-skinny-quick phenom. Read...
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Want to Hike Everest? You'll Be Carrying Some Sh*t Down the Mountain (Literally)

Mt. Everest. Where mountaineers go to die, where Sherpas Read...
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Workout Wisdom: How Your Tunes Affect Your Tush

We all know it, we’ve all done it — that song comes on mid-run, jump, push or lift and suddenly you’ve got that extra ‘umph you need to finish strong Read...
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