British Brain Surgeon Claims Bike Helmets Are Pointless—Is He Right?

Of course we’d all rather not wear the sweaty head gear, but is there really compelling evidence for ditching helmets? Read...
Jane Jones   |   06.6.14   |   SHARE

Top 9 Yoga Positions to Improve Your Performance in Bed

Feel sensual, strong and flexible with the help of some pre-freak flow. Read...
Aubrey Wallace   |   06.4.14   |   SHARE

iDumb: Kids Who Handwrite are Smarter Than Those Who Type

Neuroscientists have discovered that children who handwrite will learn faster than computer-clad kids. Read...
Katie Tandy   |   06.4.14   |   SHARE

Live and Let Die: Should Doctors Ditch Unvaccinated Kids?

What do evangelical conservatives, hippy attachment parenting lefties, Katie Couric, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Jenny McCarthy have in common? Read...
Jane Jones   |   05.25.14   |   SHARE

Ravish It: Herbalish's (Amazing) Organic Products

Packaging so pretty you almost don't want to open it, straight-from-the-earth ingredients, and tiny droplets of l-o-v-e (and sweat!) in every pint. Read...
Aubrey Wallace   |   05.22.14   |   SHARE

Yes, They Get It Too: Men and Breast Cancer

It may be a man's world chock full of old white dudes, but our male brethren have recently revealed a newfound vulnerability—breast cancer! Read...
Katie Tandy   |   05.18.14   |   SHARE

Diet Slam: "Hungry Woman" Fad Reveals Startling Truth—Women Like (And Need!) To Eat

This new diet tells women it's OK to, you know, eat. Why exactly is this a revelation? Read...
Nikki Gloudeman   |   05.15.14   |   SHARE

Stop Trying to Make Everyone Like You: Enemies Are a Good Thing

Scientists and great writers agree: it's productive to have people hating on you. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   05.14.14   |   SHARE
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