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Long live bangs!

Why Bangs Are Your BFF

With so many different styles, one should fit your needs. The right choice will hide forehead imperfections, while others hide blemishes on the Read...
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Tutu for the win.

5 Style Lessons You Can Learn From Your Toddler

Finding yourself doing extra loads of laundry because your toddler’s favorite T-shirt is dirty and you know there will be the mother of all meltdowns Read...
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You're on your own here.

10 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Make sure that at least twice a year you are getting rid of unused or old makeup — even your eyeshadow as these are laden with bacteria. Read...
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Left, left, left right left...

Off The Cuff: I Need Some Cool, Comfy Shoes For My Walk To Work

I grew up way out in the country, and lying in bed at night I used to gaze out my window and think, “Maybe someday I’ll live in a cool apartment in Read...
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Image: H&M

Balmain x H&M: This Collaboration Will Knock Your Socks Off

It’s always a glorious day in the fashion world whenever a new designer collaboration is released! Who doesn’t love getting a new, precious designer Read...
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No one likes uniforms. NO ONE.

Off The Cuff: Dealing With A Horribly Unflattering Work Uniform

Unflattering work uniforms are the WORST. I understand that office dress codes and work uniforms serve a purpose (creating a unified image for staff Read...
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A creepy doll is always a good place to start. Image: <a href="">YouTube</a>

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Won't Leave You Freezing

We all have that one friend who reuses the same cat ears every Halloween. Read...
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It's not that hard, we promise.

5 Ways To Ease Yourself Out Of A Fashion Rut

There is no way around it, whenever you find yourself in a fashion rut, it’s pretty difficult to get out of. A fashion rut puts us in a place of Read...
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