Work-from-home mom.

4 Annoying Things People Say To Work-From-Home Moms

Many people mistake working from home as NOT working at all. I guess I can’t blame their curiosity. How do I fill the typical 48-hour, working week Read...
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It's bac- to-snarky-comments season!

10 Back-To-School Parenting Behaviors That Need To Stop

6. You do not need to comment on what my child is or isn't doing. "That's too bad you don't have your kids enrolled in advanced chess. I have my kids Read...
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back to school

It's Back To School Time, And I Am SO EXCITED

But how dare you, terrible mother and/or father. Don’t you love your kids? Don’t you want them to prosper? Don’t you miss them with every ounce of Read...
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See #4.

14 Moms We All Know, And May — Or May Not — Love

You’ll recognize this mom because her kids are dressed. In actual clothes. They have on, like, pants, or at least something covering their butts. Read...
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Let's see how this goes.

School Is In Session: 5 Lunches I'm Eating ALONE

1. EATING OUT. OMG, I could eat lunch at a diner . . . without also being given a coloring sheet with crayons. I could eat a whole meal by myself. I Read...
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Special Needs Kids

Two Awesome Moms Blog About Their Special Needs Children

“The online community has been one of my most valuable resources,” Quinones-Fontanez emphasized. “It's made our journey a little less lonely, knowing Read...
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9 Tips For A HAPPY Marriage While Parenting A Special Needs Child

In times of stress, we often keep everything bottled up inside until it explodes out over the slightest disagreement. But this approach won't work if Read...
Children of divorce

How To Do Divorce Without Wrecking Your Children

"Divorce is never easy. Ever. But it doesn’t automatically mean ill-adjusted kids. Children are adaptable and seeing a well navigated divorce can Read...
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