Amy West is a feminist writer with three kids, four cats, and one pretty great husband. When she's not writing (or scrolling through Facebook, avoiding writing), she's probably ordering more books. Her current interest include Hamilton, intersectional feminism, dyslexia, and holistic wellness.

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These Harvard kids are the children of entitlement and their parents are just as culpable for those memes as they are.

Harvard Rejects 10 Incoming Freshmen For Disgusting 'Dark Memes' & Holy Hell Where Are These Kids' Parents?

At least ten students from the incoming class of Harvard freshmen have had their offers rescinded for posting "dark humor" memes. These memes aren't funny, they're beyond offensive, and these parents... Read...
Amy West    |   06.8.17 1pm   |   SHARE
Fearless Girl was met with cheers and open arms. Pissing Pug incited cries of “male fragility!” and “misogyny!” and “revenge!” as though the Pug were a successful rebuke of feminism or women as a whole. Pissing Pug is not that.

Feminists Got The Pissing Pug Wrong

The rejection of Pissing Pug betrays a lack of critical thinking and an oversimplified understanding of these artworks individually and as a whole. We have to do better. Feminism doesn’t need the... Read...
Amy West    |   06.2.17 10am   |   SHARE