Marnie Goodfriend is an author, sexual violence intervention speaker, and 2016 PEN Center USA Emerging Voices fellow. She typically writes about women's health, mental illness, family, trauma, adoptee rights, and relationships. Her forthcoming memoir, Birth Marks, chronicles her journey as a child illegally sold to a family by an infamous baby broker. 

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The First Girl: On The Loss Of Friendship 

There is no support or safety net to break one’s fall when friendships fade or split apart. There's not an acceptable period of isolation.
Marnie Goodfriend    |   04.24.18 12am   |   SHARE
"Is intercourse painful?" she asked.   "No, but it absorbs his anger and sadness. Maybe my vagina isn’t happy after all."

How My Vagina Broke Up With My Boyfriend

My vagina knew months before I did that we weren’t going to paddle off into the sunset together.
Marnie Goodfriend    |   01.29.18 5am   |   SHARE