Located in Portland, OR, Olivia Pennelle (Liv) is an experienced writer, journalist, and coach. She is the founder of the popular site Liv’s Recovery Kitchen, a site dedicated to helping people flourish in their recovery. Liv is passionate about challenging limiting mentalities and empowering others to direct their own lives, health, and recovery. You can find her articles across the web on podcasts and addiction recovery websites, including The Fix,, Workit Health, and The Recovery Village. Liv was recently featured in VICE.

Olivia Pennelle's Articles

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Breaking Up With My Narcissistic Father

This self-absorbed womanizer is my narcissistic father. And many of us have them.
Olivia Pennelle    |   01.3.19 8am   |   SHARE
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Surviving The Holidays As An Introvert

As an introvert, it can be hard to find a balance between appeasing your family’s needs while respecting your own during the holidays.
Olivia Pennelle    |   11.15.18 12am   |   SHARE
Every year, I dread fall because I know what is around the corner: Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Winter Is Coming: My Battle With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Every year, I dread fall because I know what is around the corner: Seasonal Affective Disorder. I'm trying to keep my head above water.
Olivia Pennelle    |   10.23.18 12am   |   SHARE
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What I Learned From My Brother's Suicide

I know that in sharing my story of my brother's suicide, I can contribute to greater awareness around the reality of suicide.
Olivia Pennelle    |   10.9.18 12am   |   SHARE
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Addiction Recovery Gave Me The Purpose I'd Been Trying To Find Through Alcohol

The sad reality is that many of us lose ourselves in addiction, and not enough make it out. In honor of National Recovery Month, I'm telling my story.
Olivia Pennelle    |   09.27.18 12am   |   SHARE
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Why White People Must Talk About Their Whiteness — Even When It's Hard​

What I can do is try to reach other white women who have yet to consider how their whiteness has led to significant inequities in our society.
Olivia Pennelle    |   09.19.18 12am   |   SHARE
The recovery community is advocating for increased access to treatment and reducing stigma, yet the language we’re using is undermining those efforts.

How The Words We Use Stigmatize People With Addiction​

We don’t have the luxury of personal choice in our use of language when we are talking about the highly stigmatized condition of addiction.
Olivia Pennelle    |   08.30.18 12am   |   SHARE
That’s the thing about recovery: if you stick with it, it introduces you to yourself.

Addiction Recovery Forced Me To Sober Up About My Relationships

When I decided to get sober, I simply wanted help to stop drowning myself; I certainly didn’t envision digging up my painful relationship history.
Olivia Pennelle    |   07.3.18 12am   |   SHARE