Ijeoma Oluo is a Seattle-based writer. Her work primarily focuses on issues of race, feminism, the arts, and personal essay. She also has a degree in Political Science from Western Washington University.

Ijeoma Oluo's Articles

What You Can Do Right Now About Police Brutality

There are things you can do to have a make an impact. I’ve compiled a list of items that you can consider: What To Do Right Now About Police Brutality
Ijeoma Oluo    |   12.28.16 12am   |   SHARE

White Feminists: Please Stop Using The Race Card

I never thought I’d have to say this, but white people: stop using the race card. I’m serious. I’m getting sick and tired of the movement I’ve dedicated my life to being used as your weapon. I’m onto... Read...
Ijeoma Oluo    |   06.16.15 2am   |   SHARE

The Unbearable Whiteness Of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt—Tina Fey's Racist New Show

Hilarity doesn't ensue in this new Netflix show—racism does.
Ijeoma Oluo    |   03.13.15 7am   |   SHARE

The Horrible Truth About LadyGhostbusters

We all know that women really don’t have the cojones to fight ghosts or do science. Even the thought of it is funny—BUT NOT THE GOOD KIND OF FUNNY.
Ijeoma Oluo    |   01.29.15 1pm   |   SHARE

A Conversation Between A Troll And A Fat Woman On The Internet

Being a woman on the Internet is hard. Being a fat woman on the internet can be even harder. Thanks, trolls.
Ijeoma Oluo    |   01.21.15 11am   |   SHARE