Public health trained, with majors in exactly what I wanted -- economics and English? 2 time dog & first time human mom; all 3 mutts -- married to the (cliche) best friend. International school brat with (southern) Californian soul. Fluent in German & C++. Facebook I can handle & Pinterest I use, but what are Twitter & Instagram for again? 


Mai Pham's Articles

We're Having A Girl

Unlike the many women who dance towards the pink sugarplum visions having a girl conjures, I wanted desperately to escape.
Mai Pham    |   06.17.15 4am   |   SHARE

All Bodies Are Good Bodies

"I have been able to be proud of my body so far because I sort of lucked out, falling in with the body type of wide social acceptance."
Mai Pham    |   05.19.15 4am   |   SHARE