Rosemary Donahue is a co-publisher and editor at Lumen Magazine. She likes her dogs more than she likes most people. You can read more about her at

Rosemary Donahue's Articles

How Love Letters Help Keep Your Love Alive

No relationship is immune to the pitfalls of routine. No matter how much love exists between two people, without gratitude, it fizzles.
Rosemary Donahue    |   11.13.15 7pm   |   SHARE

I Was Diagnosed With ADHD As An Adult

So many things I read about adult ADHD rang true for me. I get distracted easily and have trouble concentrating on dense materials and tedious tasks; that is, if they aren’t interesting to me — if... Read...
Rosemary Donahue    |   10.19.15 12am   |   SHARE

5 Ways To Stay Sane While Being Unemployed

Part of the problem with not having a job is that there’s a constant feeling of instability. While working friends often comment that they wish they had the free time you currently have (the grass is... Read...
Rosemary Donahue    |   10.9.15 2pm   |   SHARE