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Cat Marnell: How To Murder Your Life

Is Cat Marnell Harming The Movement For Reproductive Justice?

Marnell cannot throw a literary grenade into the conversation on abortion and then claim it’s “not political.”
Allison McCarthy    |   01.30.17 12am   |   SHARE
"My spiritual practice evolves with life lessons, as does my feminism."- Lisa Factora-Borchers

Feminists Who Embrace Spirituality — And Why

In the hopes of finding a starting point to engage the complexities of the feminist spiritual experience, I interviewed feminists of different faiths: Hindu, Muslim, Judaism, and Christianity. And... Read...
Allison McCarthy    |   11.11.16 12am   |   SHARE
"Having a partner does offer a certain amount of comfort and validation, but doing the intense external work around body acceptance has been less pressing for me in that context." Image: Thinkstock

Is It Easier To Be Fat And Proud When You're In A Relationship?

In 2007, Kate Harding wrote, "I’ve noticed that a lot of the people I see writing confidently and persuasively about body acceptance are married or in solid long-term relationships… my god, it is... Read...
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I loved the pool with the all-consuming fervor I reserved for so many of summer’s pleasures. Image: alondav/Pixabay.

The Plus Side Of Being A Plus-Size Lifeguard

From my earliest memories of splashing my siblings at the community swimming pool, I had an idea of what lifeguards looked like — young, tall, and lithe, with tanned limbs and form-fitting swimsuits... Read...
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Sensory deprivation provided me with a way to relate to my body that was rooted in acceptance. Image: Camila Cordeiro/Unsplash.

A Day At The Sensory Deprivation Spa Helped Me Accept My Body

[CN: body dysmorphia] Sensory deprivation provided me with a way to relate to my body that was rooted in acceptance: This is me, this is what I feel like, and this is all OK.
Allison McCarthy    |   05.23.16 12am   |   SHARE
In that moment, jumping into shark-infested waters felt like the most natural continuation of the journey.

I Conquered My Fear Of Turning 30 By Swimming With Sharks

“You’ll need to avoid splashing and kicking near the surface,” he said, warning that we’d only have 10 minutes in the water. Two of the guides would wait by the ladder to remove the snorkeling fins... Read...
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DJ seems like a missed opportunity for the writers to create a dynamic, free-spirited personality. Image: Tumblr

DJ Tanner Is The Epitome Of The "Generic Girl" Trope

When compared to other teen female sitcom counterparts of her time — like Clarissa Darling of Clarissa Explains It All or Blossom Russo of Blossom — DJ seems like a missed opportunity for the writers... Read...
Allison McCarthy    |   03.2.16 12am   |   SHARE

To The Father Who Walked Away From His Daughter's Rape At Gunpoint

Faced with the threat of gun violence, what could a father do? Raise his voice.
Allison McCarthy    |   01.13.16 7am   |   SHARE