Kahla is The Glow's Associate Editor. She is rarely seen without her favorite cosmetic partners in crime: a red lip and a winged eye. You will usually find her fiddling with her fringe (the struggle...), burning her tongue on dumplings, or finding sneaky ways to pat strangers' dogs in public.

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When you’re juggling so many baubles at once, it’s only human to drop one. Or two. Or maybe even seven.

Six Moms Share Their Cringeworthy Christmas Fails

Even the best-laid holiday plans can descend into chaos, but if it’s any consolation, just about everyone has a ‘Christmas fail’ story to share.
Kahla Preston of Mamamia    |   12.19.16 12am   |   SHARE
It is extremely difficult to watch a loved one going through a tough time; we may notice feelings of vulnerability, weakness, failure, and helplessness.”

7 Ways To Support A Friend Through A Sad Time — Without Trying To Cheer Them Up

“It can feel quite isolating or even invalidating when someone is trying that ‘Cheer up’ approach, or comparisons like, ‘It’s not so bad, look at the people who have it so much worse’,” explains Tal... Read...
Kahla Preston of The Glow    |   03.15.16 12am   |   SHARE