Aja Barber is a TV producer who really loves fashion, writing, social justice, art, ballet, and reading. Sometimes she shops for people. She is still figuring out how to pack that all into the perfect job. If anyone has any suggestions, please contact her and she will treat you to a fancy coffee.

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No Feminist I Know Is Cheering For Tomi Lahren

So in case you didn’t hear, everyone’s favorite conservative sweetheart Tomi Lahren was permanently banned from The Blaze after her appearance on The View on March 17th, 2017.
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The March 2017 cover of Vogue. (Image via Instagram/ voguemagazine)

Whitewashing In American Society 

Hiiiiii people! These issues aren’t going away. And neither am I. So scroll on by if it bothers you.
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"Your People," Donald Trump, And Today's Hot Mess Of A Press Conference

I watched again and again, as reporters asked President Trump news related questions, and repeatedly rephrased their questions, in hopes of receiving anything close to a credible answer. As he... Read...
Aja Barber    |   02.16.17 1pm   |   SHARE
Queen B and Jay Z (image from instagram)

Can Beyonce Just Be Dead Sexy Without Anyone Talking Trash?

“She did and does not present herself as a Mother in America. That performance was nothing but skanky weird. Get over yourself.” Signed, jerk on the Internet.
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image credit: Ashleigh Walker of @MarsupialPudding

Pinup Girl Boycott: Another Case Of Cultural Appropriation

Have we all been problematic in the past? Oh hell yes. I know I have. Being a marginalized woman doesn't absolve you of the guilt of marginalizing other marginalized cultures. My 90's love of... Read...
Aja Barber    |   02.7.17 5pm   |   SHARE
No one said protests would be fun! (Photo: Aja Barber)

The Women's March On Washington: Pretty From Afar, Far From Pretty (And My Feet Hurt)

Aja Barber gives us her first-hand account of the Women's March — the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Aja Barber    |   01.23.17 8am   |   SHARE
When I blocked the conversation on Facebook, that person continued to send me text messages.

The Entitled Things White People Do When I Unfriend Them Over Racism

Recently I went through another round of unfriending on Facebook. It keeps things tidy, the arguments thoughtful and my head from exploding. This time around I just got rid of any white person that... Read...
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Another cringe-y moment with Dunham. (Image Credit: David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons)

SMDH, Lena, I Want To Like You

Whenever Lena Dunham starts trending on Facebook or Twitter, it’s become this thing where I suddenly morph into Angry Tyra. You know, the gif of Tyra angrily shouting at a contestant who was voted... Read...
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Get the goods this year. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

Holiday Gift Ideas For Pretty Much Everyone You've Ever Loved

We can never get enough handy gift guides, so we asked our lovely writer Aja what she has planned for her holiday shopping this year.
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Why Gigi Hadid Should Not Apologize To Melania Trump 

“I love my husband President Barack Obama and our children, Sasha and Malia,” ”These are the words that launched a hate campaign against poor Gigi Hadid — one so heavy and menacing that Hadid was... Read...
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