Elizabeth Tsung is a poet and writer living in Queens, NY.

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Women of Color deserve more TED Talks attention (Image Credit: Instagram / Nadine Burke Harris)

5 TED Talks By WOC To Watch Immediately 

Not only are TED Talks by women of color severely underrepresented, what was once seen as a thoughtful resource as a platform for those who wanted to share their ideas with the world has become an... Read...
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As many as 71% of millennials have mentally checked out' on their jobs; 55% of them are 'not engaged' at their workplaces. Image: WOCinTech (CC BY 2.0).

How To Survive A Toxic Workplace

About a year ago, I was working at a small company of less than 10 employees. I didn’t feel valued, and everyone around me berated one another. Although I was fortunate enough to escape being treated... Read...
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You matter and your happiness matters. Image: Thinkstock.

Why You Shouldn't Neglect Physical Self-Care

Take everything personally and think the worst of any situation? Overwhelmed with your job or at school? Say self-deprecating things about yourself, or think the same of other people? If you can... Read...
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It is my hope that we eradicate these condescending phrases and develop a better system to help survivors. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Things You Should Never Say To A Sexual Assault Survivor

Survivors need support, but often, when they reach out, they are met with responses that only cause further trauma. The impact of these responses is immense.
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