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Confession: My Fear Of Being Thought A Racist Led To A Black Eye

"The biggest boy assured me they would be. But the ball play got even more intense. Were they aiming the ball at my kids or was it just my imagination?"

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My Boyfriend Of Five Years Isn’t My Type—And That's Okay

I had grown to learn that fighting=love. I was dead wrong.

Who cares if it's expensive, right?

My Big, Fat, Fake Engagement Ring

My fiancé proposed with a cubic zirconia or, as some people might say, ‘a fake diamond’. I said yes and let him slide the $500, 2.5 carat extravaganza on my hand.

I had to choose my own health and happiness over having a dad.

Why I Don't Regret Ending My Relationship With My Alcoholic Father 

My own father was, and still is an alcoholic, and is no longer a part of my life. Although he was never violent, his alcoholism still deeply affected and damaged our family, and me.

I wonder what I should have done then, what I can do now.

After 12 Years, My Husband Changed His Mind

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Wouldn’t it be nice to smoke just a tiny bit of it?

Mom Fail: My Kid Caught Me Getting High

I lit-up, inhaled, and slowly released the sweet smoke. It was beautiful and relaxing until I was interrupted with these, dreaded, words: “MOM?! Are you smoking?”

If you go, you and I have a chance to be we again.

I Love You So Much; I Want You To Go 

If you go, I’ll have to pick up all the dog poop. I will have to take out the trash. I will have to sleep alone.


The Worst Side Effect Of Bipolar Disorder Is The Shame

I wasn’t thankful. I was too negative. I wasn’t doing enough. When I found out my mood swings weren't my fault, that I had bipolar disorder, I cried.

Having a compulsive need to workout is a struggle to overcome.

I Skipped The Gym & That's Okay

Living with OCD and overcoming compulsions or obsessions is not a linear process. I’ve had several bouts of compulsions in my life, and even if I’ve resolved one, it’s likely another will reveal itself or I’ll relapse. Likewise, disordered behaviors around food and exercise are inherently not rational. Recognizing these behaviors is a start, but the work to move from acknowledgement to action and change has only just begun!

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Love Is Meant To Be Shared: Our Polyamorous Marriage

There really isn't anything unusual about our union. For all intents and purposes it's actually a pretty typical marriage. Except we're in an open marriage.