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Carrie is an author, recipe creator, food lover, and feels super pumped about connecting people in her online community, With a great sense of humor, warmth, and vulnerability, Carrie brings genuine reality to the Internet, along with tasty food and slightly inappropriate jokes. After receiving her paramedic medical training, Carrie spent a decade abroad and in the U.S. in the non-profit medical sector, before venturing into the world of Ayurveda and integrated health in 2011.Carrie uses her skills mostly for good these days, and helps clients from all over the world meet their health goals. She loves spending time around the table with her young son, partner, family, and friends. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Carrie Saum Articles

Grabbing a bag of frozen veggies and dumping them in a pan is just as easy as opening up a frozen dinner and popping it in the microwave.

Lazy Vegan Coconut Curry

Here's my favorite lazy food dish. I like it because I feel like I'm doing my body a solid by plying it with veggies, and my taste buds rejoice with spicy-sweet comfort food. It's like your very hardworking grandmother is hugging you from the inside.

Self-care is my favorite thing, but honestly, the amount of work that it currently takes for me to get some space and actually take care of myself is so monumental.

You're Not Forgetful, You're Overworked

When I talked to my doctor about the forgetfulness and resulting anxiety I was experiencing, she suggested that I make lists, try bullet point journaling, and work on taking more time for self-care.

Help! My family loves Trump.

How To Love Your Family That Loves Trump 

Family is family and long after this president is out of office. Here is how I intend to keep my relationship even though my family loves Trump.

bananas + Nutella = magic

#RavsRecipes: Nutella-Covered Bananas

In the great tradition of summer and binge watching, I have rekindled my love of frozen bananas and Lucille Two. It's a great go-to for kids after a long day swimming (replace that potassium!) and for adults, too. Sprinkle it with your favorite topping and enjoy!

When I have difficult life decisions or conflict with people who are close to me, I now have the working understanding of what peace truly looks like for me.

Pursue Peace, Even If It Means Losing Relationships

When I have difficult life decisions or conflict with people who are close to me, I now have the working understanding of what peace truly looks like for me. It looks like freedom to be fully who I am.

Photo by Philippe Murray-Pietsch on Unsplash

Family Vacation Survival Guide

Summer is officially upon us, and with it comes epic family vacation plans sure to generate tales of your family’s (mis)adventures for years to come.

Latkes for the win!

#RavsRecipes: BAE Sweet Potato Latkes

I can’t promise this will cure everything that ails you, but it’s a good start to a new year if nothing else.

#RavsRecipes: Brussel Sprouts With Prosciutto And Pomegranate Seeds

#RavsRecipes: Brussel Sprouts With Prosciutto And Pomegranate Seeds

I've perfected my BS game over the years and I am pleased to say that I have converted many more people to Team BS. I want you on my team, too. I know the best way to get anyone on any sort of team is to entice them with bacon.

I wish people would stop assuming they know how to fix my kid. Image: Carrie Saum.

For Food Allergy Awareness Month: My Son Has FPIES

[CN: emetophobia] I wish my son's gut could handle more than a few foods. I wish there were a magic Google function that could tell me and all of Echo's doctors how to manage this jerk of an allergy.