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What Parents Need to Know About Technology Addiction

A typical teen's day includes up to nine hours of texting, gaming, watching videos, and posting on multiple social networks — even while doing homework. It's enough to make you wonder: Is my kid addicted to technology? Read...
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How Colleges Use Kids' Social Media Feeds

Learn how what you post on social media can hurt — and help — the admissions process.

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15 Online "Camps" Fill Kids' Summer with Learning Adventures

From outdoor exploration to summer enrichment to computer coding, online camps keep kids busy, learning, and having fun.

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Talking About "Sexting" With Your Kids

Kids may "sext" to show off or prove their love. How to discuss the consequences. Read...
Hate speech is all over the internet.

Where Kids Find Hate Online

Online spaces can be confusing, scary, and shaky. Here are some ideas for you to discuss with your kids and tips to handle hate speech.

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How Girls Are Seeking (And Subverting) Approval Online

From selfies to shout-outs, girls are using social media both to build up and break down their self-image.

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9 Ways To Avoid The Holiday Buying Frenzy

Common-sense ways to preserve your sanity, your values, and your bank account. Read...
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How Can I Use TV And Movies To Teach My Kids Media Literacy?

The idea of media literacy may not seem to mix with the fun of TV and movies. But when kids relate to the content, they're more engaged...

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10 Ways To Pack More Gratitude Into Your Life

Inspired ways for families to embrace and celebrate the spirit of the season — and beyond. Read...