Rebekah Kuschmider

Rebekah Kuschmider


Rebekah Kuschmider is a DC area writer with a background in non-profit management and advocacy. Her work has been seen at Babble, Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, The Mid, Redbook online, and The Broad Side. She is the creator of the blog Stay at Home Pundit and is a contributor to the upcoming book Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox (an anthology, SheWrites Press, Nov. 2015). You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Yet More Information About Why BMI Isn't The Best Health Metric

In reality, we should be consulting with our own individual doctors about our own individual health statuses because giant studies don’t tell us diddly-squat about our own bodies (and neither do BMIs, for the most part).

"If you could get your period to last only 20 minutes, would you?" Image:

Did You Know About This DIY Method That Can End Your Period In 20 Minutes?

If you could get your period to last only 20 minutes, would you?

Image Credit: Beyonce/HBO via Vox

Poor Rachael Ray Is Definitely Not Becky With The Good Hair

In the midst of this firestorm was poor Rachael Ray, who has never been linked to JayZ in any way. The only thing she did was have a name similar to Rachel Roy, so she’s feeling the sting. Lemons and bees keep appearing in her comments sections. Hopefully, her signature humor will rule the day and she’ll invent a lemon-honey dessert called Becky Bars to show us she’s not mad.

Answering the questions about the Iowa Caucuses you were scared to ask.

OK, But What Exactly Are The Iowa Caucuses?

You're probably also secretly wondering what a caucus is, as you likely live in a state that does primary elections instead of the more complicated caucus process.


Please Don't Buy These Vagina Pearls

Dr. Gunter has lots of medical reasons why one should not do this (as well as a stomach-turning description of a “retained tampon” removal, so be warned). I have a lay-person’s response: OMG DON’T DO THAT TO YOUR PERFECTLY GOOD VAGINA!

Original Image: Aeon Flux/Paramount Pictures

These Women Defeated An Armed Robber By Pelting Him With Dildos

They unmanned a man using manhood. They dicked the dick.

Not pictured: Sarandon, for the sake of my blood pressure.

Susan Sarandon And The World's Oldest Wombat

I want to know how much yoga a person would have to do to be able to vote with their vagina. And kegels. Sooooo many kegels.

You have lots of say in your local school district. (Image Credit: Unsplash/JJ Thompson)

#RavsRadar: With Trump, Local Involvement In Schools Is Crucial

Earlier this week, the Trump administration decided that the most pressing issue on their plates is where school children pee.


Need To Find Weed On A Budget? Use Wikileaf.

Have you ever been in Denver or Portland or Seattle and wanted to buy some weed but didn’t want the hassle of going from weed shop to weed shop to

Mayim Bialik pens essay and perpetuates victim-blaming.

Mayim Bialik Has Really Done It This Time

Your body is your very own canvas, and you have the right to turn it into whatever work of art you want to display to the world... The root cause of rape is rapists, not short skirts, push up bras, or tight pants.