Puerto Rico Is An Apocalyptic Wasteland And POTUS Is Talking About FOOTBALL?

Our president is having a hissy fit over football players kneeling in protest, meanwhile people in Puerto Rico don’t even have water.

Our president is having a hissy fit over football players kneeling in protest, meanwhile people in Puerto Rico don’t even have water. Or electricity. Or food. Or shelter. The residents of our island neighbor, American citizens, have nothing left. 

Hurricane Maria which, as of September 25, has caused at least 59 deaths (27 in Dominica, 5 in the Dominican Republic, 2 in Guadeloupe, 3 in Haiti, 24 in Puerto Rico, and 1 in the United States Virgin Islands) has been at least as devastating as Harvey and is now ranked as the 10th most devastating Atlantic hurricane on record. Its ranking is irrelevant though, in the face of the utter devastation it has left behind. And I do mean utter devastation, not being hyperbolic.

The news is saturated with a lot of stories — Hugh Hefner dying, Rep. Steve Scalise getting back work after being shot 15 weeks ago, Korea, a software glitch causing worldwide travel delays — but they pale in comparison to the tragedy we aren’t seeing nearly enough of.

I shouldn’t be surprised by Trump’s total lack of empathy, but hope for the best, that’s my motto.

Nope. He’s more concerned about their debt.


And is this a subtweet? Is the leader of the free world subtweeting?

Puerto Ricans ARE OUR PEOPLE.

Good gracious.

Our fine president would like us to know that, as of three hours ago, Puerto Rico has generators.


Well how very humanitarian of you Captain Cheeto.

Lin-Manuel Miranda says it better than I ever could:

While our president is busy talking about how much money Puerto owes us (also, they ARE us?), Pitbull is flying chemo patients to the U.S. on his private jet.

You won’t hear about it from Pitbull though, because some people are just helpful without tweeting about it.

Ricky Martin is helping out, too. (Head over to www.youcaring.com/rickymartin to help Ricky help out.)

A one minute four second look at what it’s like to drive down the street:

And from a citizen of San Juan:

Okay, now, what to do.

We’ve already talked about practicality for Houston in the aftermath of Harvey. The urge to donate clothes and supplies is very real because it is tangible but, while those things are important, they are never more important than cash funds.

So keep that in mind.

If you’re worried about how much of the money you give is actually going to get there, just be mindful of where you send it. Established charities are your best bet (i.e. not a random GoFundMe).

Here are some options:

1. The Hispanic Federation has teamed up with politicians from New York to create “Unidos”: A Hurricane Relief Fund for Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico. Watch for their benefit concert set to air October 22 (featuring Luis Fonsi, Marc Anthony and so many other awesome folks).

2. The Salvation Army is always a good bet.

3. If you’re in Miami  the Puerto Rican Leadership Council is accepting physical donations.

4. Global Giving is a vetted organization that focuses on both immediate need and long-term efforts.

Most of these places accept Paypal (which will not charge any fees for donations).

But I’m broke as a joke. I simply have no money to give.

That’s okay! You can still help by sharing this article or any one of the links above. Social media is a very powerful tool. Sharing is very effective.

There is strength in numbers, my friends.

It's the least we can do for the beautiful island that so graciously shared Luis Fonsi.




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