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I'm 35 Years Old And Can't Drive A Car

No other act is more symbolic of adulthood and one’s “coming of age,” but there are numerous reasons why I don’t drive. Read...
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Blessed And Still Depressed: A Black, Christian Woman’s Reconciliation

My depression coexists with my gratefulness, compassion, and good intentions. I am blessed, yes, but I am also depressed. Read...
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An Open Letter To (My) Depression

Dear Depression, it’s time we had a talk, you and me. Read...
Kassi Klower of SHESAID    |   07.10.19   |   SHARE
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On Tidying Up And Mental Illness

There’s nothing I can let go of that ends my renewed experiences of stigma and shame surrounding mental illness. Read...
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5 Signs Your Work Stress Is Decreasing Your Quality Of Life

We’re all susceptible to work stress. Even if you’ve got your dream gig, there will no doubt be times that you’re stressing out about work. Read...
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I’m A 39-Year-Old Who Wants Stuffed Animals — And I'm Not Ashamed 

I don’t typically lie to a date (or in general), but I was ashamed of my desire for wanting stuffed animals as an adult in my late thirties. Read...
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Small Talk Could Be Hurting Your Mental Health — Here Are 10 Things to Say Instead

Small talk is about as dreary as the murky skies and as painfully vexing as the overcrowded parkway. Read...
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6 Ways To Stop Obsessing Over Your Work Mistakes

Obsessing about work mistakes? These six strategies can help you put these situations in perspective and find a productive way to move forward. Read...
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