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9 Super Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Gaslighting You 

No, hun. You are not ‘too sensitive.’ But if your partner keeps saying that, you may be experiencing gaslighting. Read...
Lauren Krouse    |   05.20.19   |   SHARE
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Approval Seeker?: How To Overcome The Need To Please Others

Approval addiction — or the intense desire to obtain approval or avoid rejection from other people leads to certain habitual behaviors. Read...
April Putnam, ACP of DivorcedMoms    |   04.26.19   |   SHARE
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Letters To The Dead: Shadow Writing For Grief & Release

Some grief is inert. Some grief is an engine. Sometimes actively participating in grief, I’ve learned, is one small way we can learn to escape its Read...
Lisa Marie Basile of Luna Luna Magazine    |   04.9.19   |   SHARE
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How Rituals Can Help You Gain Self-Confidence

Rituals are a marvelous tool for the self, for spell work, and best of all, for boosting confidence. Read...
Stephanie Valente of Luna Luna Magazine    |   04.4.19   |   SHARE
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Confession: I Hate Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can be a saving grace for some; for me they can be a major trigger. Read...
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The Monday Blues Are Real — Here’s How to Beat Them, According to a Doctor

Your Monday blues are likely worse if you are going through something you can’t control, like fertility treatment, a parent’s illness, or project Read...
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How To Add Magic To Your Every Day Wellness Routine

We often don't associate magic and fitness. In fact, a wellness routine is the perfect space to hold a magical practice. Read...
Stephanie Valente of Luna Luna Magazine    |   03.20.19   |   SHARE
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OCD Isn’t An Anxiety Disorder – Here’s Why That Matters

When I was diagnosed with OCD several years ago, like most people, I assumed it was an anxiety disorder. It wasn’t until months later that I stumbled Read...
Dylan Brethour    |   03.19.19   |   SHARE