I was a living dead person: The structure was there, but there was barely anything inside.

My Ongoing Struggle Through Therapy And Medication

I went to my first therapist when I was a teenager. My family was dysfunctional to the point of being non-functional. If a decision needed to be made Read...
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C-PTSD: PTSD's lesser-known cousin.

Years Of Abuse Have Left Me With C-PTSD: Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

C-PTSD stands for Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD) or complex trauma. It’s a diagnostic term Read...
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Not everyone can, and that's OK.

Why "If I Can Do It, Anyone Can" Is A Load Of Crap

The issue is that most people don’t recognize these inherent strengths that they actually have. These quirks in the personality or physiology, or Read...
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She’s more than mindless, fluffy pop music and she always has been. She’s an incredible vocalist and a great songwriter. She gave me hope when I needed it most, and I wish I could do the same for her. Image: Wikimedia.

Kesha Saved My Life — And Is Still Saving It

I stared at the picture of her sitting in the courtroom sobbing; I read the news stories, and I cried, too. As a sexual assault survivor myself, I Read...
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Bolstering my conviction that I was just eating smartly, people applauded my diet. However, before long, I met the criteria for anorexia.

How I Became Anorexic Without Even Knowing It

When people picture an eating disorder, they often imagine shocking behaviors that deviate wildly from normal eating. But our society’s definition of Read...
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The thing about exercise is, it doesn't present like an illness. Neither does dramatic weight loss.

That Time My Eating Disorder Broke My Leg

The thing about exercise is, it doesn't present like an illness. Neither does dramatic weight loss. Suffering is revered. Pain is praised. The more I Read...
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If you’re anything like me, you probably feel like a terrible parent because you’re not totally head-over-heels for your baby. Image: Thinkstock.

To The Mom Who's Not Yet In Love

With every 2 AM wakeup cry and biohazard diaper blowout, I waited for that all-consuming love that everyone had promised me, but all I found was Read...
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As I began to face my struggles with food, I also started to embrace making food.

How I Went From An Eating Disorder To Eating Intuitively

You might not think of food as being a savior in eating disorder recovery, but I have actually found food to be one of my greatest sources of refuge Read...
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