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Why I Refuse To Keep Paying The Unacceptable Cost Of Being A Black Woman In America Today

As a Black woman, I don’t have the luxury of not caring what others think about me. Read...
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Here’s The Worst Personality Trait Of Each Zodiac Sign

Never ask a Libra where they want to go for dinner. Read...
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I Spoke Up About Being Size Inclusive; Dove Listened

This article first appeared on Plus Mommy and has been republished with permission. Read...
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When Will The World Love Sweet, Sensitive Boys Like My Son?

We want our girls stronger, bolder, and louder. I’ve seen less evidence that we’re willing to let our boys be quieter, softer, and more appreciative Read...
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4 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Stepchildren

Are you struggling in your relationship with your stepchildren? Read...
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It’s 2019. Why Do We Still Think Men Can’t Be Raped By Women?

The reality is that in our society, the idea that a boy or man can be raped by a woman is often seen as ludicrous. Read...
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Approval Seeker?: How To Overcome The Need To Please Others

Approval addiction — or the intense desire to obtain approval or avoid rejection from other people leads to certain habitual behaviors. Read...
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How To Cope If Chronic Illness Is Harming Your Relationship Or Love Life

Even if your body is weak from cancer, chronic illness, or injury, you can cultivate a strong love. Read...
Kimberly Pryor Wilkes of Your Tango    |   04/23/2019 - 00:01   |   SHARE