Airplane Seats Might Be Getting Less Awful

Actual picture of Hell

Actual picture of Hell

How much do you hate airplane seats?

Unless you travel first class regularly, you’re probably thinking, “HAAAAATTTTEEE! I hate them! Hate hate hate!”

There’s nothing not to hate. They’re too skinny, armrest use requires diplomatic finesse, and the angle of the seat-back is awkward. Unless you recline, at which point the person behind you hates your seat as well as their own.

Well, aircraft maker Airbus may be switching things up a bit. They recently filed a request with the US Patent and Trademark Office for an airline bench that would replace traditional (sucky) seats.

According to the sketches in the application, the long bench would accommodate three moderately-sized adults, two larger-sized adults, or one adult and two children. The seat-belts and armrests would be convertible to the various configurations. The seats would not recline.

Obviously, this is not a perfect solution, and it raises some interesting questions.

How to price the seats, for example. And what about coach class on red-eye flights, where the majority of the plane will recline and try to sleep? Would they convert to benches, or would regular seats be available on some routes? What about legroom?

And it doesn’t even get to the biggest question: When will airlines start offering complimentary cocktails at all price points?

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