This Outrage At Old Navy's Twitter Is Just... *Eyeroll*

Yesterday, Old Navy sent out a tweet to alert us all to a sale. Woohoo! Cheap summer clothes! Everyone likes cheap clothes! Right?

Well, some people only like their clothes if they’re worn by frolicking groups of white people — and ONLY white people. The nice group of models Old Navy hired to pretend to be a mixed-race family enjoying 30% off trendy fashions made some bigots REALLY REALLY MAD.

I was on Twitter when the firestorm started and, I shit you not, this an exchange I actually saw:

Miscegenation, y’all! The Twitter Bigotry Brigade must have dug into the archives and found a dictionary from the 1800s to bring back that word! I don’t think anyone has said miscegenation since the Loving v. Virginia case in the 1960s, and that was the Supreme Court saying, “Anti-miscegenation laws are bullshit.”

This is America in 2016. People marry other people and have kids with other people and it’s all no harm, no foul. Gay, straight, cis, trans, Black, White, Latino, Asian — it’s all good. The folks who got their panties in a bunch about a discount retail clothing ad need to get used to it or find a hole with no WiFi to live in. Because interracial families are here to stay. 

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