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Here is a guide 7 travel-friendly sex toys experts choose for their getaways.

7 Travel-Friendly Sex Toys 

First things first — you should never be ashamed of your sex toy collection. Here is a guide 7 travel-friendly sex toys experts choose for their Read...
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Photo Alexi Wasser by Katie McCurdy

Love, Alexi: How I Prepared To Use Tinder With Every Self-Help Trick Out There

I took out my phone, and with all my newfound self-worth and intentions inside me… I did it! I downloaded the app and prepared to use Tinder. Read...
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Photo by Maria Badasian on Unsplash

Your Jealousy Isn't Actually A Bad Thing

The good news is that we have a choice about how we respond to jealousy; it isn’t just a primal experience we have no control over. Read...
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You will survive your divorce.

You Will Survive Your Divorce

The breaks and the cracks and the places where we fall apart all hurt, but those are the places where the reinforcement happens. The breaks are a Read...
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Sexless marriage? Don’t give up without giving these ideas a try.

Yes, You Can Fix A Sexless Marriage. Here’s How.

Sexless marriage? Couples therapists estimate that around 20 percent of marriages are sexless. Don’t give up without giving these ideas a try. Read...
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My One-Sided Competition With My Husband’s Ex-Wife

In the beginning, she was like an infuriating specter I had to deal with. She wanted to stay friends with him. I put a kibosh on that. Read...
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All of the Yoni Focus really brings the Yoni in focus.

Viva La Vagina Week 2: My Husband's Noble Quest To Give Me A G-Spot Orgasm

I invited my husband to give me a g-spot orgasm. Let’s just say, he found it. I never asked him to even look before taking this class. Read...
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Verbal abuse is different. The damage is internal, there are no physical bruises or scars.

Verbal Abuse: What It Is And How To Respond

If it’s verbal abuse, it’s time to take action and start protecting yourself. Read...
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