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I would like to dispel the myth that there is a right or real way to have an orgasm.

Why It Doesn't Matter What Kind Of Orgasm You're Having

Orgasm is no different. The idea that there is an immature (clitoral) and mature (vaginal) orgasm for women was popularized by Sigmund Freud. Read...
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The most important factor to consider post-divorce is that other people have been where you are; you are not alone.

3 Tips For Reducing Loneliness After Divorce

Children are also a form of familial support, spending time with them can do away with the loneliness you’ll feel after divorce. Read...
Leyla Balakhane of DivorcedMoms    |   05.1.18   |   SHARE
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Photo by Oscar Söderlund on Unsplash

I'm Glad I Chose Myself Over My Boyfriend​

I smiled and walked out the door, choosing myself over a guy, choosing my business over a person who wanted me to be someone I no longer was. Read...
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As you might guess, cheating infractions have little to do with the person on the receiving end of the hurt.

After Cheating: Sharing Passwords, Social Accounts Doesn’t Prove Trust

Bottom line: extorting your partner to behave doesn’t change their cheating behavior. Read...
Hilary Lauren Jastram of The Good Men Project    |   04.25.18   |   SHARE
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Our closest, most intimate relationships can certainly be a forum for our buttons to get pushed, so a little conflict is natural.

A Little Conflict In A Marriage Can Be A Good Thing

Three reasons why conflict can be productive in a marriage... Read...
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Photo Credit: Zoey Grossman

Love, Alexi: On Self-Help & Dating

I thought, if this is her new self-help medicine, it was working. I was lifting the veil of my life and who I was at my core. Read...
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Doomed by our matching tattoos?

I Got Matching Tattoos With My Husband Because I Wanted To Curse Our Marriage

It's over. I know it's over because at least three people have told me that if you have your partner's name tattooed literally anywhere on your body Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   04.18.18   |   SHARE
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A narcissist can’t get enough of himself

Are You Dating A Narcissist? Here’s How To Tell

A relationship with a narcissist may start out with butterflies and fireworks...But don’t be fooled: it’s not about you. It’s about them. Read...
Elizabeth Laura Nelson of SHESAID    |   04.16.18   |   SHARE
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