Squirrel Survives Alligator Encounter & There's Hope For Us All

This squirrel survived an alligator encounter, so there's hope everyone. (Image Credit: By BirdPhotos.com - BirdPhotos.com via Wikimedia Commons)

Did you guys know it’s only Wednesday? Yeah. Wednesday. It’s been one of those weeks and there is still more week ahead of us.

Just to quickly recap, we have a President musing about why the Civil War started (my 9 year old could explain that one), considering meetings with murderous despots, and preparing to sign anti-LGBTQ orders. The House of Representatives is trying their best to dismantle the insurance access guaranteed by Obamacare. The FBI director is on Capitol Hill today saying that he feels kind of “nauseous” thinking he might have flipped the election last fall (we do too, sir, so nauseous). And there’s been yet another campus shooting.

How much are we supposed to be able to take? Because I don’t think I want to read the news any more. In fact, I don’t even want to be an adult any more and I really don’t want to care about things like making sure everyone can get health insurance. (But I do care and if you do too, check out what Daily Action says you can do to help.)

But in between fits of despair, we have the internet to provide us with animal videos.

What we see here is a daredevil prairie dog going where no prairie dog has gone before — right up to the tip of an alligator’s nose. Clearly, the prairie dog didn’t know what an alligator was, alligators not being prairies dwellers and he decided to investigate. For all the prairie dog knew, the alligator could have been a log! Only getting right up close would satisfy the prairie dog’s curiosity and up close he got!

The intrepid prairie dog had the speed — or sheer good luck — to escape the alligator’s snap unscathed.

And if a prairie dog can scamper away from an alligator? We can survive the rest of this week. 

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