Jas Victoria: Student

Spotted in: The Haight, SF

Occupation: Student

What are you up to today?

I'm watching a child—I do childcare.

How did you get started doing that?

I studied child development at City College. One of the professors there has a preschool, and she knows a lot of families with kids so she exchanged our info.

How did you know that child development was something that you were interested in?

I just like kids a lot. I have a lot of kids in my family. I have a lot of cousins, nieces, nephews. I feel like you can learn a lot from kids, and they're really honest and pure. Just human pureness! [laughs]

What's been a recent challenge lately that you've overcome?

Well, I commute from the East Bay to come over to the city and I'm studying in addition to working. So just balancing all that—working, rent, studying. Actually the past two years I was working three jobs and going to class, but I cut it down to focus on my classes. I'm realizing that having to work and support yourself through school is really hard. I know a lot of people aren't really in that situation because I've lived with a lot of folks who don't have to work—they just focus on school.

What have been some recent inspirations?

My sister just had a baby and is working full time, so she's a big inspiration to me. She graduated from Georgetown, has traveled a lot and now has the most amazing baby.

What are your favorite places to go in the area?

I love going to Golden Gate Park a lot, Lake Merritt in the East Bay, I like going to Goodwill often! [laughs] I just came from there.

Any good finds?

I found this strapless jumpsuit and a purse.

Ooh, that's cute! Nice score!

But yeah, I don't know—I Iike everything. I really like just being outside and exploring. Sometimes I get on a bus I've never been on and see where it goes.

How would describe your personal style and how did your outfit come about?

I like to feel comfy and earthy. I like earth tone colors, and a lot of black. This outfit is just really random! [laughs]

I like this scarf with the snaps!

Yeah, apparently there's like 15 different ways you can wear it, I've never done any other way but this one! [laughs] I don't know, because this is the warmest way! This jacket I wear a lot when I go hiking—it's good protection from the wind and the rain. And since I never really know when I come to the city what the weather is, this jacket is great.

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