2016 election

My Kids Think I've Lost My Sh*t

The goddamn election has turned me into a cursing motherf*#+er. My formerly pristine mouth now routinely spews obscenity-riddled tirades. With a new Read...
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James Franco, in a towel, #withher. (Image: Youtube)

7 Election Related Videos To Make You Laugh (We Need All The Help We Can Get)

We are less than a week away from election day Read...
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Baby Joey as Barb! (all photos: Instagram @lauraiz)

This Baby Will Make You Forget About All The Yuck In The World (At Least For A Little While) 

Each and every day this month, I have been looking for brief escapes from the hell that is Read...
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Prepare The Barf Bags: Donald Trump Is Pretty Much The Republican Nominee

Throughout this long and increasingly nightmarish primary season, an argument emerged from Republican candidates who were routinely getting their Read...
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Let's take a moment to consider all Hillz has to deal with.

What Millennials Don’t Know About Hillary Clinton

I’ll confess that I don’t actually find Bernie Sanders appealing as a presidential candidate; he’s too busy lecturing us. Read...
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No Way, Hillary Clinton, $250,000 is NOT Middle Class

Hillary Clinton claims that "middle class" means people who make less than $250,000 a year. That's wildly out of touch, according to the US census, Read...
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Bernie being Bernie.

Bernie Sanders Thinks Women Should Stay Home With Their Babies

Let me repeat that, just in case you missed it. Bernie Sanders said that a mother "should stay home" with her baby. When I first heard that sentence Read...
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Smiling through the pain of crippling debt.

Red, White, & News: Political Issues Millennials Need To Know About

If you’re a 20 or early 30-something, odds are high that you or someone you know has boomeranged back into a parental basement. In 2012, an estimated Read...
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