From the author's mother's modeling dossier, courtesy of Elizabeth Kadetsky.

The Memory Eaters: A Q&A With Author Elizabeth Kadetsky

At turns lyrical, poignant, and alluring, The Memory Eaters tells the story of a family’s cyclical and intergenerational incidents of trauma, secret-keeping, and forgetting in the context of the 1970s and 1980s New York City. Read...
My wife has a gambling addiction — and that night, it came to a head.

Can My Marriage Survive My Partner’s Gambling Addiction?

My wife told me that she lost the entire mortgage gambling. She has a gambling addiction — and that night, it came to a head.

Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez

Ask Erin: I'm Ashamed I'm An Addict

I need to help myself. I don’t know if you will read this, but inside I’m screaming for someone to hear me. I’m really ashamed to say that I am an addict—I don’t think I have ever said that before.  Read...
Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez

Ask Erin: Gambling Addiction Is Destroying My Family

He keeps promising to get better and then relapses — and continually lies to me about it.  Read...
(Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: How Do I Tell My Sister That Her Husband Relapsed? 

I'm fairly certain my brother-in-law relapsed on heroin, and I don't know how to tell my sister that her husband relapsed.

Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez

Ask Erin: How Do I Handle My Husband's Addiction?

How do I handle this? Should I just stay out of his life for a while?  Read...
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On Enabling: I Was Addicted To My Son's Addiction

There’s a big difference between helping your child and enabling their behaviors. When I discovered my son had an alcohol addiction, I was a single parent of two teenaged children.

The first time I saw my son Brian drunk, he was 14 years old. 

We had just moved from Missouri to New York State after my second divorce. I felt ill-equipped to deal with the painful reality that my son was repeating the cycle of his father, whom I had left due to his alcohol addiction.

When I ask myself how I became an enabler to his addiction, I reflect on my background. I grew up the oldest child in a family of four children. As the eldest, I was called on to be the caretaker of my younger siblings. The caretaking role felt comfortable and validating. When I left home at 18, I chose to pursue a career in nursing, further reinforcing my role as a caretaker.

Violet McNeal (photo courtesy of Feral House)

Four White Horses And A Brass Band: An Excerpt

Violet McNeal ran away from her family’s rural Iowa farm in the early 1900s and fell under the spell of conman and patent medicine “doctor” Will Archimbauld who hooked her on opium and promises of fame and fortune. Read...